Customizable workshops to help your team work better

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The Who

These workshops have been developed for leaders and teams looking for practical and accessible tools to find more focus, calm, and productivity in their work.

I help teams develop focus, increase effectiveness, and ultimately sustain high performance.

The What

In addition to Make Time and Search Inside Yourself, I offer a diverse range of customizable workshops that blend my expertise in the areas of productivity, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

Simply put, these workshops are designed to help leaders and teams work better.

Having spent seven years at Google, working across multiple teams and four different continents, I understand the challenges of the modern workplace.

Rapid pace, non-stop communication, and the challenges of distributed teams are real.

The Why

Right now, we are in a period of rapid change in the modern workplace. The speed of technological innovation is quickening, teams are being forced to adapt to remote working, and many industries are being devastated by a global pandemic.

On top of this, many employees are distracted, stressed, and overwhelmed. In the UK alone, the total cost of mental health problems last year was a staggering £35bn, mainly due to reduced productivity and staff turnover.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In light of these challenges, there are opportunities to rethink how we work.

We can quiet the constant distractions and increase our focus and concentration.

We can learn to manage our mental and emotional states, so we see the challenges of work in a new light and aren’t burdened by stress and anxiety.

We can slow down to speed up.

It’s time to rethink our definition of productivity to create happier and healthier organisations.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
Viktor Frankl



Normally 45-90 min

Ideal for teams that are short on time but want an introduction to any of the programs listed


2-3 hours/session

Ideal for teams that are ready to go deeper. These workshops involve more interaction and engagement than a keynote.

Workshop Series

3-5 session/month

Ideal for teams that want a richer, more experiential learning journey that allows for more integration and practice.

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the custom workshops I’m delivering include:

  • Mastering Remote Time Management
  • Foundations of Mindful Productivity
  • Building Healthy Mental Habits to Boost Performance
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You’re in good company

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What people are saying

"Connor is one of the most engaging and insightful speakers we've worked with at Makers.

Connor is one of those rare people who are both poised and high energy.

He delivered a workshop to our staff on productivity and mindfulness that was highly interactive and left us with practical tips we could apply to work right away.

Feedback from employees was overwhelmingly positive and a few teams implemented changes recommended by Connor within the first week. Thanks again for your workshop, it was amazing!"

Sandrine Inaudi
Head of People at Makers

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