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New Skills Taught in a New Way

  • New Skills in the New Economy— The modern workplace is rapidly changing. Your team needs to develop new skills to thrive. Managing attention, developing resilience, fostering well-being, leading through uncertainty: these skills—and others—are essential for your teams to succeed.
  • Experiential and Engaging Learning — Learning does not come from a one-off webinar or gifting employees a book. I believe learning is an experiential process that needs to be interactive and relevant in the real world. This is the basis of my facilitation approach.
  • Customized and Contextualized — No organization is the same and "one-size-fits-all" approaches don't work. We customize each program to your needs, making sure we address your particular challenges and deliver an experience that makes an impact.
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Programs I Offer

Make Time

A framework that helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and professional teams make better use of their time at work.

Perfect for teams that feel busy and distracted, want to reclaim their attention, and focus on the work that matters most.

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Search Inside Yourself

A comprehensive leadership program that began at Google and teaches emotional intelligence.

Perfect for teams that want to manage stress, build resilience, and experience greater well-being.

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Rise Above

This set of customizable workshops helps teams rise above the challenges of the modern workplace.

These workshops blend together my areas of expertise: productivity, time management, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

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