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The Who

You feel busy and distracted, and don’t have enough time for the projects and people that matter most to you.

Your days feel like a series of reactions—to your phone, your email, and other people’s priorities.

There are projects—small, medium, or large—you’d like to make time for, but don’t know where to start.

You’ve tried to get organized and get productive with other books, apps, and systems, but found the advice unrealistic or impractical.

The What

Make Time is a a simple 4-step system for improving focus, finding greater joy in your work, and getting more out of every day.

This workshop series is based on the book, “Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day”, a guide to rethinking the defaults of constant busyness and distraction so you can focus on what matters every day.

In these interactive workshops, your team will learn the framework, practice tactics, and start making better use of their time at work.

The Why

You and your team have important work to do.

But these days, it’s difficult to find the time to really focus on the work that needs to be done.

Often, it feels like we spend all day reacting—to email, chat, interruptions, meetings, and busy work. The important work gets squeezed around the edges of these reactions.

Turns out it doesn’t just feel that way. Studies show that knowledge workers spend 40–60% of their day on administrative work. Not the work itself. Not the part that matters. Not the essential efforts that create value and make things better.

Make Time's 4-Step Framework
Most days, we spend less than half our time on real work that makes a difference.


For your employees

  • Increased focus and engagement at work
  • Reduced stress and worry
  • Increased ability to take control of their days
  • More energy and presence in work and with colleagues

For your business

  • A more focused and productive workforce
  • Reduced mental and physical fatigue among employees
  • Happier, more engaged employees
We can help you make time for the work that matters.



45-90 min

Ideal for teams that are short on time but want an introduction to any of the programs listed


2-3 hours/session

Ideal for teams that are ready to go deeper. These workshops involve more interaction and engagement than a keynote.

Workshop Series

3-5 session/month

Ideal for teams that want a richer, more experiential learning journey that allows for more integration and practice.

Customized for your team

  • Options for online or offline format
  • Personalized approach to finding what works
  • Methods proven at more than 200 companies
  • Lessons based in experience and validated by research
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You’re in good company

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What people are saying

“I just finished the course, but it’s not an end, rather a new beginning with new tactics for a more focused life.“

Sarah in Texas

“Changing my relationship to my work and to stress in general. I’m leaving the office every day feeling like I’ve moved meaningful work forward.“

Lima in San Francisco

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