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What’s wrong

The world has changed but many businesses haven’t. 

Busy, overwhelmed, and overworked is the new norm.

Too many employees are distracted, stressed, or disengaged.


of employees feeling regularly distracted at work.


working days lost in the UK each year due to work-related stress.
(UK Gov)


of employees worldwide do not feel engaged at work.

I can help

Your team needs new skills for a new world.

They need accessible practices to boost focus and increase productivity.

They need effective techniques to manage their mental and emotional well-being.

They need more than good ideas; they need proven strategies that make a difference.

Here’s how

I offer world-class training and bespoke workshops for businesses that help leaders and teams work better.

I’m a Certified Teacher of both Search Inside Yourself and Make Time, two programs with roots in Google but worldwide impact.

Born at Google, Search Inside Yourself teaches the skills of emotional intelligence through mindfulness.

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Make Time is a friendly approach to finding focus and energy in daily life.

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Customizable workshops that blend modern mindfulness with a practical approach to productivity.

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What people are saying

“Connor is a passionate speaker and facilitator who knows what he’s talking about. His style of delivery is very approachable and engaging, he makes complex topics simple and accessible, and he leaves his audience with practical lessons they can take away. One of the nicest guys and best instructors I’ve ever had at Google.”

Laura Gonzalez
Head of EMEA Corporate Development, Google

"Connor is a welcoming, engaging speaker with sharp, actionable steps you and your team can take to improve performance."

Adam Klein
Chief Strategist, American Underground

"I've witnessed Connor speak and facilitate at a number of events, including TNW Conference in Amsterdam. He is an excellent communicator who breaks down complex topics and makes them fun, easy-to-understand, and memorable. I'd highly recommend working with Connor for any speaking events or workshops!"

Sophie Op den Kamp
Management Team, The next web (TNW)

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