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67: A Short Update

Hi friends!

It’s been quite a few weeks since my last newsletter and a lot has happened.

Claire and I went to the US for two weeks and she was able to visit my home state of Minnesota for the first time.

We stopped over in New York on the way back where we got to hang with my brother in Brooklyn, see Claire’s cousins, eat bagels and pizza, and watch the first day of the US Open.

(We made a video about the trip if you're curious!)

On the business front, this month has been my biggest to date, plus I've booked in more work for Q4 than any quarter yet. This has been hugely exciting and also mentally and physically taxing.

Aside from almost a dozen virtual workshops I’m facilitating this month, I was able to go *in-person* to Berlin for my first live workshop since February 2020.

This is to say that all in all, things are going well.

But I've decided on a new approach for One Percent Wisdom that I'd like to share with you.

A Change in Thinking

During the month of August, I was able to step away and do some thinking about where I want to put my energy and focus for the coming months.

One change I’m going to experiment with is writing two newsletters a month instead of publishing one each week.

There are a few different reasons behind this decision.

First, I want to balance the time I devote to writing One Percent Wisdom with the time I devote to the activities that serve my clients and pay the bills. Each week, I spend between 2-4 hours writing, editing, and publishing the newsletter. I love the process, but sometimes it puts undue pressure on me amidst all the other responsibilities.

Second, I want to focus more on sharing the ideas I write about each week. Currently, I spend about 90% of my newsletter time in the writing and editing phases, and about 10% focused on distribution. I’d like to experiment with moving this dial closer to a 70/30 split.

Third (and these are not in order), I want to raise the quality bar of my writing, and I want to bring you more value every time you open a message from me. While I do feel like I’ve given each weekly edition of One Percent Wisdom my best effort, sometimes I push a newsletter out just to hit the deadline I’ve self-imposed.

There have been benefits to the weekly writing discipline, as well as drawbacks. You’ll find plenty of advocates for both sides of the “whenever you’re ready” and “every week no matter what” arguments on writing a newsletter, and both are probably right.

For now, I’m going to see how this works and as always, I’ll keep you updated on my thinking.

Thanks for reading,

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Words of Wisdom

"Life is a process of constant reorientation in total uncertainty." — Unknown